The Bubble Bar & Cafe

We strive to create products that are all-natural, purposeful, inclusive, and inspirational. Many of our products include bar soaps formulated for body, face, hair, and shaving; however, we also have salves, and tooth powder!

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What matters to us

Our Core


We strive to create products that are as close to natural as possible. This means using real, natural ingredients like cucumber puree, oatmeal, or tomato puree. For each product this may look different depending on it's purpose. Your experience with our product should be natural and comfortable, and we want you to feel as beautiful as our creations. We want you to be able to recognize all of the ingredients in our products.


All of our products will have a purpose. For example, our Squashed Tomato facial bar is formulated with face loving ingredients to help balance oiliness, reduce break outs, and moisturize your face.

We never want to stop creating something with purpose! If you have any ideas that you believe we could help with, please reach out!


We realize that every human is different. From our skin, hair, and desires -- we all want something that works for us! We strive to have product for everyone. It will take some time, so please be patient! One of our goals is to have shampoo bars formulated for every hair type and condition. Have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to give us feedback!


In our busy lives, we are often the first thing we sacrifice from. We skip our shower, we don't buy the razor we know works better, we may even skip our breakfast! But we want to inspire you to invest in yourselves by finding a product that is easy to use, beautiful, and has noticeable results! From scent, to color, to purpose -- we want you to invest in loving yourself!


The Roots

My name is Kelsie. In 2015 I began researching to make soap for my family that didn't have any fillers, harsh chemicals, and would truly benefit our skin. After the 2015 holiday season, I purchased all of my equipment and first set of ingredients to make my first batch. I loved the science, the beauty, and the purpose. From then on, a passion was born to continue to experiment and create. The first soap I made was as simple as it gets, and that recipe is still what we use today! Our unscented basic bar.

Unscented Basic Bar


The Growth

By the end of 2016, I was making soap for my family and friends, gifting, and even had requests for wedding and baby showers. I realized that I had a great product that I could sell! I experimented, discovered new fun ingredients, and really fell in love with the process of making soap. One of my experiments was to keep in mind of my son's sensitive skin, and created a bar that had oatmeal in it, and a shampoo bar for his hair! The Unscented Oat and Cucumber Mint Shampoo Bar is something we still sell! Below is a link to the shampoo!

Cucumber Mint Shampoo Bar


The Climax and Let Down

From 2017 to 2020, I was really making progress. I was looking to take the leap to make it my only form of employment, but the pandemic sadly had other plans for many small businesses -- including my own. In 2020 I decided to close my business, as product shortages really hindered the ability to produce and the locations I was selling my product were either closing or weren't open due to COVID precautions and regulations. It was a very sad chapter, but it did give me the ability to focus on my family and get us through the pandemic. Even during the pandemic, I still made the unscented oat bar -- I just couldn't live without it!

Unscented Oat Bar


The Bond

In 2019, I had met Elissa, my partner in our current business. We worked together at a coffee shop for a little over two years and discovered that we communicated well, could lean on each other, were creative, and most of all had fun no matter the tough situation we were put in. These qualities we found in each other are ultimately what led us to open this business together in 2023 -- The Bubble Bar & Cafe. One of the first bars we knew we had to have was our Eucalyptus bar.

Eucalyptus Bar


The Idea

In 2022 we began talking about opening up our own business, to breathe life back into the business I had prior to the pandemic. After we talked through everything, we ultimately wanted to do something that had purpose, beauty, and that was inclusive and all natural. We knew we had a great idea. We spent a good 6 months meeting up and talking over the plan to officially open the business! One of our first products we made was our Charcoal Tooth Powder.

Charcoal Tooth Powder



In March of 2023 everything became very real! We started making product and applying for opportunities to sell it. We were excited to be accepted and bond with the community in Madrid, Iowa at their Labor Day Celebration as well as Johnston, Iowa's Farmer's Market. We created many products that people have enjoyed, and we can't wait to delight you all with our upcoming ideas! One of our top selling products is Petrichor -- we sold out in one week and had to act quickly to make more!


Present Day

The Sprout

We are currently making everything in-home, based out of Grimes, Iowa. With our first markets coming to an end, we intend to focus on preparing for the upcoming holiday season and adapting to our sales received from our website. If you are local, and would like to visit us in person, visit our Come See Us page to discover where our next market will take place!

Come See Us


The Bloom

With the launch of our website, we are focusing on ensuring we can keep up with our standards and values. We really hope that in the year coming we can obtain a store front in Ankeny, Iowa. With so much more to come, please follow us on our social media to stay in the know!

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